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Fluid Harmonics

Interactive, UX / UI project for In Session Audio, Nashville.

The Fluid Harmonics GUI is a visual metaphor of the brilliant harmonic sounds created by interactions between metal and wood in guitars.

The synth's three arpeggiators moving in sync creates a rolling fluid sound. This is graphically supported by guitar pick shaped knobs which appear to fill with water as intensity increases. 

By mixing white elements on coloured backgrounds, Fluid Harmonics creates a calming user experience.

¶ UI / UX Development

¶ Creative Direction

Fh 1
Fh 2
Fh 3
Fh 4

Synth Patch Demo

Behind The Scenes

Process Shots

Fh Process 4
Fh Process 3
Fh Process 6
Fh Process 7
Fh Process 2
Fh Process 5
Fh Process 1