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Korg iWavestation

Interactive iOS UI/UX project for Korg Inc, USA, Japan.

KORG iWavestation reimagines the defining synthesizer of the 90s into a native iOS form. It is a classic synth engine used by notable musicians such as Micheal Jackson and Genesis.

An homage to the original Wavestation, digital reproductions of the joystick, memory cards, and kaoss pad enables dynamic expression and serves as visual metaphor for the 90s era sound. The UI design places an emphasis on creating and manipulating multi-dimensional sound sequences in real time.

See more at: http://www.korg.com/us/product...

¶  Art Direction

¶  UI / UX Development


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Creating sounds with time-varying timbre, on your mobile device. 

A wave sequence synthesizer for iOS.

The WaveStation synthesizer went on sale in 1990. This instrument featured an advanced vector synthesis system which created new sounds by combining and connecting multiple waveforms. To this day, it continues to be considered a legendary and still-unique instrument.

The WaveStation has been reborn as "KORG iWaveStation," an app for iPad/iPhone. In addition to completely reproducing the programs, it also features a renewed design that lets everyone experience the stupendous sound-shaping potential of the WaveStation. The sound and functionality are taken directly from the WaveStation itself, but the speedy and intuitive sound-shaping which were previously impossible are now made possible by the iWaveStation. Now you can obtain the diverse sounds of wave sequencing, inimitable by any other synthesizer, on your iPad/iPhone.

Wave Seq
Joy Stick
Wave Morph
Effect Chain
Wave Form
Effect Cards
Joy Stick Close