Frank is a Full Stack Software Engineer and Lead Designer specializing in software engineering, UX research, and product design.

About Me


In my view, exceptional software parallels a fine guitar: intuitively usable, aesthetically pleasing, and empowering users to create remarkable outcomes. My journey in technology began in the music industry, where I honed my skills in developing music plugins, creating websites, and designing album artwork. Recognizing the pivotal role of User Experience (UX) in software excellence, I pursued design education to master scalable communication systems, concurrently enhancing my coding expertise.

My career has spanned a range of projects, including the crucible of leading digital campaigns in advertising, creating educational materials for the University of Waterloo, and full stack APIs, React, and iOS applications. My tenure at Google as a UX Engineer and at TD Bank have enriched my understanding of how technology can address business challenges.

I have led software engineering teams in both startups and large enterprises, focusing on delivering comprehensive full-stack products. This includes expertise in front-end, back-end, database management, and cloud-based infrastructures. My skills extend to prototyping cross-platform applications for iOS and Android and integrating AI models into web APIs.

My passion for audio production software and developing custom design operations tools (like Figma plugins, Chrome extensions, and Python scripts) continues to drive my interest in managing large UI/UX projects.

Open Source Code

Check out my open source code on Github. Here are a short list of software projects I can share.


Github Stargazer Count24

A tensorflowJS Kanye West lyrics generator and data ingestion pipeline.

date search

Github Stargazer Count1

npm package to search time series data


vue 2 img

Github Stargazer Count17

An easy way to convert HTML sections and charts to JPG, PNG or PDF files for download or base64 encoding.


vuejs typography filters

Github Stargazer Count3

WIP A collection of typography Vue.JS filters to control your type and own your layout!

Mockup Maker

Github Stargazer Count1

A tool to set up video screen captures on a device mockup with Python.

Flutter for web deploy script

Github Stargazer Count10

🦋 Flutter for web production build script. Build Flutter beta channel inside your deploy pipeline.